Glif pools, launching in 2023

The only Filecoin staking protocol, designed for miners and retail investors.

Features of the Glif Staking Marketplace

Powering capital efficiency on Filecoin. We help miners scale and stakers earn rewards directly from their wallet.


Earn rewards on your Filecoin while supporting the network.

Join our early community
  • Stake directly from Glif, Ledger, Metamask, or your favorite Ethereum wallet.
  • Diversify your portfolio and returns by staking into pools with varying degrees of risk.
  • Don't give up custody of your Filecoin tokens.


Borrow Filecoin from multiple pools at once and maintain ownership of your miner.

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  • Compare interest rates, payment plans, and collateral requirements across multiple pools.
  • Take out loans from multiple pools at once with the same miner.
  • Don't give up ownership of your miner.

What problem are we solving?

Filecoin lacks an on-chain primitive for trustless lending of capital to miners. As a result, Filecoin struggles from major capital inefficiencies - the majority of FIL holders cannot productively put their FIL to work without giving up custody of it, and well-reputed miners are forced to invest massive amounts of collateral in FIL to grow and remain profitable.

Today's lending solutions are less than ideal because they require investors to give up custody of their FIL to participate, and force miners to relinquish ownership over their entire mining operation. Furthermore, it introduces operational overhead for both the custodians and the miners.

Glif will solve Filecoin's capital inefficiencies with the first on-chain lending primitive, enabling miners to safely borrow capital and investors to earn yield on FIL.

This opens the door to an entirely new suite of Filecoin applications such as perpetual deals, just-in-time lending, and DataDAOs - none of which are possible to build today.