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iFIL Redemption Value

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Security Audited

Audited by ConsenSys Diligence and Sherlock

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Annual percentage yield
Total tokens locked
Average Deposit Size
iThe average deposit size in FIL.
Collateralization ratio
iThe amount of FIL backed by Storage Providers relative to the amount borrowed.
Pool Utilization Rate
iThe amount of FIL issued to Storage Providers as a percentage of the pool's total assets.
Est. Annual Rewards
iBased on current APY, the amount of expected rewards earned by the pool over the next 365 days.
Average Borrow Size
iThe average borrow size in FIL.
Pledged Miners
iThe amount of unique Miner Actors that are pledged to the underlying GLIF Pools protocol as borrowing collateral.
Quality Adjusted Power
iThe total amount of Quality Adjusted Power associated with Miners pledged to the pool.
Raw Byte Power
iThe total amount of storage capacity associated with Miners pledged to the pool.

iFIL balance


FIL balance



  • What is the Infinity Pool?

    The Infinity Pool is the first pool built on the GLIF Pools protocol - it's an autonomous leasing pool for Filecoin with standard rules for every Storage Provider on the network. The #1 priority of the Infinity Pool is the safety of depositors - the pool aims to avoid any loss of funds at the cost of potentially lower rewards.
    All Storage Providers on the network are treated the same by the Infinity Pool - as long as they pass the risk criteria checks, they can borrow from the Pool. The GLIF team does not manually conduct diligence off-chain - instead, it uses conservative economic policies to mathematically deploy FIL to Storage Providers.

  • What is the GLIF Pools protocol?

    GLIF Pools is a DeFi protocol that enables the creation of many Filecoin capital markets('pools'). The protocol is designed to be flexible and upgradeable, allowing for the creation of different types of pools with different rules. The Infinity Pool is the first pool built on the GLIF Pools protocol.

  • How do I earn rewards?

    When Storage Providers borrow FIL, they are required to make a weekly payment back to the pool. These weekly payments are accounted as earnings for FIL Depositors. Depositors earn rewards by depositing FIL and holding the iFIL token.

  • What is iFIL?

    iFIL is GLIF's liquid staking token. You can read more about how iFIL works in our docs.

  • How can I ask more questions or get in touch with the team?

    You can reach us on: